Dr. Heath Marion

Philanthropist + Leadership Consultant




A mission to inspire transformation

Dr. Heath is a leadership expert and success guide who emphasizes ancient wisdom and personal mastery. Over the last 20 plus years his powerful principles have been proven in businesses, universities, churches, and one on one. His coaching helps people clearly define their purpose and reach their destiny, help businesses create better teams, and help leaders navigate massive change. His greatest goal is to help people reach their highest potential.

Fulfilling a Vision of helping people reach their God-given potential


We are making the world a better place as we help individuals and business reach their destiny. Through his leadership consulting firm, Dr. Heath has created break throughs and personally mentored leaders and businesses from 27 different countries. For decades he has helped people transform their lives and make progress in life, business, and sales. His enduring impact has been proven at the highest professional levels of success in business, athletics, and non-profits.


With a high dedication to helping people become who they are called to be, Heath has pursued professional and accredited education along with experience. His earned doctorate has an emphasis in organizational leadership and culture from Dallas Theological Seminary (D.Min.) The particular area of study for his dissertation was discovering leadership principles for lasting organizational culture transformation. He has earned two master degrees: (M.Div.) with an emphasis in personal development and professional care and a (M.BS) with emphasis in theology. He has also done post master work in the areas of individual counseling and advanced strategic planning.

Giving Back

Generosity flows from the heart that realizes where it has been and is grateful for where it is going. Giving to others allows blessings to benefit all people and not just a few. For over 20 years Dr. Heath has started and participated in numerous non-profits around the world through giving, going on trips, being on boards, and starting his own. Currently a portion of all proceeds goes directly to his family's foundation that supports needs and causes around the globe.

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